Your little girl.

Permalink 02.17.2012
I love going to high places to feel the wind and enjoy the view. 
Permalink 02.17.2012: Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, Sha Tin, Hong Kong
Permalink 02.17.2012: Snoopy’s World, New Town Plaza, Sha Tin, Hong Kong
Permalink 12.23.2011: Avenue of Stars, Victoria Harbour waterfront, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Permalink Fresh photos from our Christmas vacation! 
I now present you, An An! (Jia Jia was out sleeping. :|) An An was the man of the night! He made everybody who was trying to take a picture of him go “aaaawwwww”. He was just minding his own business, walking around in his man made home, and boom! He found a carrot. Grabbed the carrot, sat and munched! I’m pretty bad at describing things, but at that moment, everybody went “aaaawwwww” and started shooting again. :))
Pandas are the cutest. <3
PS. Emo aside. Somehow I wish we were all just stuck at that moment, nothing seemed wrong.